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Compass Pro v1.4

Compass Pro v1.4

compass pro is the pro version of the highly successful free gabenative compass. It's fast, it's beautiful and the most precise of all compass apps. compass pro supports high definition displays and true north. Buy it now!

+ Most fast start of all compass apps
+ High definition display support
+ Supports magnetic and true north over Wi-Fi and GPS
+ Most beautiful user interface of all compass apps
+ SDCard install support

+ compass pro does not show advertisements
Your location, fine (GPS) location:
Needed by compass pro for calculating the true north.
Network communication, Full Internet access, view network state:
Needed by compass pro for anonymous download statistics.
System tools, Prevent phone from sleeping:
Needed by compass pro to disable the sleep mode, while the compass is used.

Why is the compass pro file so big?
Because compass pro contains high definition images. But the size should not be a problem, because the compass can be installed on sdcard.

What's New
- Changed: Removed 4 permissions the compass doesn't need anymore
- Fixed: GPS battery draining bug
- Fixed: Android 4.4.3 bug that prevented the compass arrow to be displayed correctly, when the ad banner was shown
- New Feature: Added location coordinates to the main screen
- New Feature: Replaced the GPS and NET icons with a magnetic field strength indication which is much more interesting for people using a compass
- Changed: Replaced the calibration tutorial with a better one

Compass Pro v1.4Compass Pro v1.4

Compass Pro v1.4Compass Pro v1.4

Require 2.3 and Up & File Size 5mb



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